Saturday, April 24, 2010

What A Busy Week

Sunday, 25th April 2010
It has been one really long week with so much thing to do, loads of assignment and abundant of exams so much so that I didn't have the time to update my blog. Exam was quite okay since what the lecturer asked to to study came out in the exam. 3 papers are now down and still with 2 more next week. Yesterday, I went through my first MUET exam which I think was much easier than I thought. I was afraid that it would be hard but it turn out to be just fine. I still have my speaking test on the 4th May 2010. I don't really know much about speaking but I wish that speaking too would be much easier. I really hope so. My target is to just achieved band 3 or band 4 as long as I can pass and not repeat it again. It would be a total wate of time for me to repeat it. Wish me luck guys for my MUET and exams. Bye

Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Annoying Day

Friday, 16th April 2010
Last week I was being e-mailed by the UNITEN administration telling me that I have to attend a briefing on my degree course. But it turn out that the briefing was just for business administration students. I was really pissed off today having to wake up early and take my bath and knowing that I get nothing from it. Next time what UNITEN should do is to tell exactly what we should do and not make our life harder. What about the students that took the bus and went to the 'briefing'. have a pity on them. Do not lie because someone will suffer for it like us.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The red devils

Thursday, 8th April 2010
It has been quite long time since I have updated my blog. I've been busy for a while with my assignments, exams and whatsoever and I really don't have the time to update my blog. Since now I have the time to update my blog I want to talk about football. I have a really bad day today to see my favourite team, Manchester United to fall to the hands of the germans. It was kind of sad to have watch the game since I really hope that Manchester United could really use their home advantage to knock the germans out of the champions league. But, this is football. Football is where u can't expect things, your team could win or even lose in an instance. Loss is loss and I can't hope that there will be a rematch. But beware other teams, Manchester United will be much prepared in the premier league since their hope in the champions league is vanished. MAN U iI will always be with u guys.

Monday, January 25, 2010

What is about smoking?

Sunday 21 February 2010 (Important to read)
I know this is not in order but I really want you guys to read this.
The number of smokers are rising and rising each year by each year. When will this number you guys think will decrease? 5 years from now or 15 years from now or never? Smoking is just so addictive that you can’t resist the temptation to get your hands on this killing machine. I don’t think it would be necessary for me to tell you how many people have died from smoking. Smoking could caused fatality to almost anyone that smokes. Lung cancer, brain cancer, disorder in children and etc have all been caused by smoking. But why certain wouldn’t just want to give up smoke and find other things that they could do or spend their valuable money on other than smoking. Now, almost everyone smokes, even a 10 year old boy would smoke. When I was in school I use to see students would buy cigarettes from the shop in front of the school and would smoke without feeling guilty in front of the school gate. What is about smoke that is so great about? Furthermore why would the seller be willingly to sell the cigarettes to the students? One obvious reason would be money. Dont you agree? Where would they get the cigarettes if the sellers don’t sell it. The reason i wrote this article is not just to obtain profit but to engage awareness among you guys about the dangerous of smoking and hope that you guys would stop smoking not immediately but eventually. This article is about 7 SIMPLE REASONS ON WHY YOU SHOULD STOP SMOKING.If you guys would want to buy this article just follow the details below.
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I wrote this article in hope that I could help you in trying to stop smoking. So, please read the article seriously.This article is worth every single word for you out there either for a smoker or for your friends or family that smokes. Maybe you are not smoking but you could save the life of your friends and family from buying this article.This article is short but is much more valuable to save your life than spending your RM 20 on cigarettes. Thank you.
Just post in your comments.
Tuesday, 23 February 2010
Food? Many people would be thinking of all the delicious food like nasi lemak, sate, tom yam and etc. These foods really are mouth-watering. But now what I'm going to talk about is the famous Malaysian breakfast. What do you actually eat during breakfast. Some of you may eat bread or something simple because you need to go to work or somewhere else during weekdays. The real breakfast will be during weekend. Nasi lemak would really ignite your senses. The sambal, fried chicken and the rice is just too irresisteble. It just feels good to eat it after a long and busy week. The other appetizer would be roti canai. Many people would say 'wow'. Tell me anyone of you out there that still haven't got a bite on roti canai? Well, you better try it fast because roti canai and a glass of teh tarik is just one combination that will make you go wild. Roti canai and nasi lemak is the malaysian most famous breakfast. If you are from another country, you should come here and have a taste on this famous malaysian breakfast.

Monday, 1st March 2010
What a day it is today. Why is it that in this hot weather UNITEN doesn't have water. It is a really hot day today. How would you expect on the first day of this new semester there is no water. We got to go to class today. How can we go to class feeling fresh and energetic if there is no water to take our bath. Most of people would say that the first day is the most important day because it will give our very first impression on something and in this case our very first impression towards UNITEN is bad. Can You just imagine that on the first day of a new semester you don't have water and you can't take a bath or a shower or even brush our teeth. What I think that UNITEN should do is to keep some water in the tank and if in case that there is no water like this day we could at least brush our teeth or go to toilet. I had to go to the mosque and take my bath and then perform my Zohor prayers.

Monday, 8th March 2010
It has been quite a while since I have updated my blog. Been so busy during the first week of my new semester. A lot of things going on. The time table is just the best time tale ever. Class on Monday starts at 5 and there is no class on Friday. It feels great to have such little classes during this whole semester. I must find new things to do to fill up my time with. Other than watching movies, playing games and watching television what other things that I can do? I really need to start on a business since I myself would use so much money on leisure and buying games. But the question is what kind of business that I can do? What business that uses so little money and time but could generate a lot of profit? If you have any ideas on how I can do this, please leave a comment. Your ideas would be helpful to me.